Pop Up Camper Shells For Pickup Trucks 41

Do you want to go camping but don’t want to sleep on the floor? Do you want to spend portable living space but not a lot of money for something that you only use a few times a year? Then consider camper pop-ups as a cheap but convenient medium between tent camping and mobile homes. A pop-up camper offers a significant improvement from tents and sleeping bags. Not only are they more comfortable, they also provide better protection against the weather. Some even have lockable doors that offer additional security. After you park at your campsite, simply crank the device into two wings, each with a sleeping area. The middle part, which resembles a tent on wheels, functions as a small living room. Your standard motorbike has a small dining area, a mini fridge and some cooking utensils. Some even have a barbecue, shower, or heater. For a little more money, you can also get extra living rooms, inside toilets, or more fancy cooking equipment.